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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our patients?
Joining Hands Health sees patients for medical and dental care from Jefferson and Grainger counties.

How much does it cost the patient?
There is no charge for any services of the clinic to those who have passed our rigorous financial screening process. We do ask for a donation from each patient at every visit to help with the expenses. Patients as a group are our 3rd largest donor.

What is the Financial Screening process?
In June of 2012 a rigorous system of financial screening was put into place to make sure that the patients being seen at the clinic qualify for free care. We allow a multiple of the Federal Poverty Guidelines as our benchmark with additional restrictions on total assets.

We are comfortable saying that the volunteers at our clinic are seeing patients who simply have no other alternative and could not afford either insurance or pay for even basic healthcare.

How Will the Affordable Care Act affect the clinic?
Since the ACA excludes from coverage anyone below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level, very few of our patients are eligible for coverage. We are assisting those that do qualify in the application process so that they can have good medical insurance.

As patients financial situations change and they find they now qualify for the new insurance programs, they will receive educational materials showing them how to apply and will then be able to be seen by their regular doctors.

How is the clinic supported?
The clinic is supported solely by donations from individuals, businesses, churches, foundations and United Way.